Workplace Conflict Management Training

Our fairness consultants are experienced negotiators, mediators and trainers in the workplace context. Our analysts can provide your organization with a cost-effective in-person training session that will meet your needs.

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Workplace Restoration and Health and Fairness Assessment Training

Given recent changes in the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act and legislation for federal jurisdiction employees, there is an increased demand from employers for restorative and proactive measures for managing conflict in the workplace.

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Respect Group Certification / Recertification

We use Respect Certification as a way of adding a common language and understanding to the dialogue of Respectful Workplaces. We will sit down with your leadership to discuss the specific challenges and opportunities posed by your workplace culture. From here we will develop either a 3 hour or 6 hour training session.

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Managing Unionized Employees Certificate Program

Perhaps the most challenging job of a manager is managing unionized employees. This certificate program is directed at the unique challenges faced by managers when attempting to engage, inspire and motivate unionized employees.

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