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The Engagement Pack gives facilitators access to our survey tools – the key to reducing negative conflict.

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Looking for a qualified facilitator to perform a training, engagement and Fairness Assessment process?


A concrete path to change and a professional business plan to execute that change

Aquire a critical understanding of how to manage effectively, to be a Fairness Leader

Simulated, experiential training that brings your learning experience to life with real life examples, problems and solutions


Module 1:

understanding Workplaces that work

Perceived unfairness is at the heart of workplace conflict.
In this module, you will be introduced to an engagement process that will result in a comprehensive Action Plan for managing workplace conflict effectively. You will meet “Virtual Practitioners”, Debbie, Ernesto and Lucinda, who will share their experience at each stage of the engagement process so you can learn from their experiences, too.

Module 2:

The most dangerous conflict in organizations is Silent Conflict

In this module you will gain a deep understanding of how conflict works in organizational settings. You will be introduced to a tool that will help you identify sources of conflict in your organization. And you will be given the opportunity to compare your workplace conflict checklist to those of Ernesto, Debbie and Lucinda. Finally we will explore how unfairness leads to negative conflict and how fairness reduces the risk of conflict from arising.

Module 3:

Foundational Dynamics of Workplace Culture

Every workplace has a culture but what role does culture play in resolving conflict in the workplace? In this module you be introduced to a simple tool that will help you break down and analyze the elements of your workplace culture.
Using our innovative ‘Donais Head-Down Theory’© and other original teaching tools, you will see the immense cost of doing nothing in unfair workplaces. You will learn why understanding a workplace culture is at the heart of moving toward productivity.

Module 4:

Conflict Management Systems (CMS) Identification

Conventional conflict management systems are reactive.
This leads to drawn out, unaddressed conflict that is costly: litigation, investigations. migrating talent and the cycle of firing and re-hiring. In this module, you will learn our innovative approach which addresses ‘silent conflict©’ in the workplace. You will be given tools to engage stakeholders towards a renewed workplace. Unionized workplaces present a different landscape. In this module, you will learn critical knowledge of the role of unions and how best to reduce negative conflict in a unionized workplace.

Module 5:


Many people are unaware of the array of CMS options and feel the workplace is stuck with pre-defined reactive approaches. In this module, you will begin the process of assessing a workplace of your choice. Our tools will guide you through the assessment, beginning with identifying your current CMS and presenting options for change. Our tools have the powerful advantage of quantifying conflict so leadership can see the need, follow the benchmarks, calculate the inefficiencies and monitor the progress.

Module 6:

Amending and Re-evaluation of Your CMS

In this module, you will follow the Virtual Practitioners and see the results of their assessments. You will complete the tools in an engagement process of your own, discovering areas for improvement for your workplace.
You will use our innovative tool called: Testing Instrument for Fairness Systems© or TIFFS©.
At the end of the day, you will have a fortified strategy with the data you need to champion realistic change.

Module 7:

Creating an Action Plan for Selling Organizational Change

Get down to business in this module by putting your plan into action. The module will show you how to translate your recommendations into an Action Plan for change.

Examples from the Virtual Practitioners will give you concrete approaches for your toolkit.

Module 8:

Engaging in Workplace Renewal

What do we mean when we say, “The Process is the Result”?
Engagement is at the heart of reducing conflict and getting people moving forward. We have extensive tools for engagement, the major one being the Workplace Fairness Assessment© process: our Fairness Formula©. Learn about Fairness Teams, the role of workplace Champions and the importance of you, as a Fairness Leader©.

Module 9:

Making a Business Case

Culture change, engagement and new ideas need leadership.
In this module, you will learn how to craft a thorough Business Plan and present a practical, professional path forward.
Use our Fairness Cost Analysis Tool©, FCAT©, to make a financial case for change. Compare the cost of doing nothing and the efficiencies of change. Let the bottom line speak for itself. Learn from your Virtual Classmates and see which approach they feel will be the most effective for their workplace.

Module 10:


The final module is the course review and an invitation to become a Certified Workplace Fairness Analyst. Here you will be able to reflect upon the tools and process to see how to integrate this approach into your practice.

how does your workplace measure up?


While the Bronze Package is stand-alone training; advanced training and experience in coaching, dispute resolution and/or human resources will be helpful to be an effective facilitator.

Yes; you can reach out via email if you have questions or concerns during your studies.

Length of time differs from person to person, ranging from 5 hours to 20 (or more), depending on how thoroughly you complete each exercise.

You have 2 months to complete the course. Contact us if you need more time.


Part 1: Fairness Assessments July 8-12, 2024
Part 2: Workplace Restoration July 22-26, 2024
Noon - 4:30 pm EST/ 40 hours

Advanced Workplace Restoration and Workplace Fairness Assessments

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