Trauma Informed Investigations

Investigations are typically divisive and rarely the last word in a dispute. They can be repercussions. Our investigators use a trauma informed approach to reduce the negative impact of the process. Upon request, we will draft recommendations to address core issues in the workplace.


There are some conflicts that simply cannot be resolved by internal measures or even by external mediators. Some conflicts require a “finding of fact” or a finding of right and wrong. In such cases workplace investigators are called in. These investigators interview the complainant and respondent and witnesses and review all appropriate documentation. Then they make a finding concerning the matter in question. They may also make recommendations for action and for structural change.


The Workplace Fairness performs human rights/harassment and respectful workplace investigations.  We also perform assessments on the suitability of investigation or other alternatives.


Some of our investigators are seasoned labour lawyers or human resources professionals with direct experience at conducting human rights/harassment and respectful workplace investigations or assessments.