Respect Group
Certification / Recertification

Respectful Workplace Training

Respect Group in conjunction with the Workplace Fairness Institute are proud to offer specialized training sessions aimed at Keeping Respect Alive. These seminars will enhance the foundational knowledge contained in the Respect Certification online training video. We use Respect Certification as a way of adding a common language and understanding to the dialogue of Respectful Workplaces.


After having attained Respect Certification, employees will then participate in a seminar that is designed to open up dialogue about how they see Respect in the Workplace and how best to support each other in maintaining respect in their working lives.

As a part of principle of client-centered process design, we will work with you to tailor our seminar offerings to your specific needs. We will sit down with your leadership to discuss the specific challenges and opportunities posed by your workplace culture. From here we will develop either a 3 hour or 6 hour training session.


Beginning the Respectful Workplace Dialogue: 3 Hour (half day) Training Session

We firmly believe that the best training that can be provided in Respectful Workplaces will come from the participants themselves: their experiences, their discussions and positive support of each other. Our expert facilitators will guide the dialogue toward an understanding of what Respect means and how Respect is accomplished. Our agenda consists entirely of group exercises and reporting the main seminar. This maximizes participant involvement in the training itself making it entirely interactive.

We have numerous other exercises that are used to help facilitate dialogue about respect in the workplace.


Building the Respectful Workplace Charter: 6 Hour (full day) Training Session

The best way to enhance respect in the workplace is to allow workplace participants to come to a consensus about how they are going to treat each other. We call this consensus a Respectful Workplace Charter. This is a Charter that will be developed by workplace participants and signed by them as their commitment to Respect in the Workplace.

We have numerous other exercises that are used to help facilitate dialogue about respect in the workplace.

The Charter will answer a number of questions like

What does Respect look like to us?

How do we support each other in encouraging respectful behaviour?

What do we do when we witness disrespectful behaviour?

How do we support someone whom we believe is a victim of disrespectful behaviour?

How do we have a supportive conversation with someone who we feel is being disrespectful?

There are numerous other questions that could be asked in this regard. The facilitators will work with the leadership to help tailor the questions to their specific workplace culture. For the last hour of the day, we will create the charter on a document that will be reviewed and signed by each participant. This document will form a part of their commitment to a Respectful Workplace.