Union Management Relationships

Union Management Relationship Building

Our practitioners have a depth of experience at facilitating better relationships between employers and unions. We offer numerous tools developed in our publication Engaging Unionized Employees, to help both unions and employers plan through the process have ensuring more productive working relationships.

Collective Bargaining Facilitation

Many of our analysts have spent dozens of years at the bargaining table. We can help unions and employers have more productive bargaining sessions. We can work with any bargaining styles that are preferred by the parties. We do not strictly adhere to an interest-based approach but work with the parties to enhance an approach that will best for them.

Joint Union-Management Commitee Facilitation

We help unions and employers plan out the renewal of their relationship through sound meeting facilitation practices.

Joint Health and Safety Commitee Facilitation

Many of our practitioners have years of experience with the operation of the OHSA and being a part of Joint Health and Safety Committees. We can help your committees get started on the right foot.

Grievance Meditation

Some of our practitioners are well versed in labour law and have administered thousands of grievances. We can be a vital part of the grievance resolution mechanism.

Grievance Arbitration

Some of our practitioners are qualified arbitrators with dozens of years experience in the practice of labour law. We can provide you with cost-effective arbitrations and timely written awards.