Ombuds Services / Helpline

Are you finding it a challenge to keep up with the ever changing demands of today’s business environment?

Are you looking for a way to improve your business’ culture and productivity? Do you need support to proactively manage your employee’s needs?

The Workplace Fairness Ombuds Office is here to help you achieve these goals and more by promoting respectful communication and collaboration at all levels of your organization.

The Workplace Fairness Ombuds Can Help Your Workplace:

Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Engage Employees

Manage Change

Build Successful Working Relationships

The Workplace Fairness Ombuds is:

Independent Neutral Informal Confidential

Workplace Fairness Ombuds offer an opportunity for your employees to discuss workplace concerns and resolve issues. Whether mediating disputes or helping you to plan and practice for a difficult conversation, Workplace Fairness Ombuds are there to advocate for fairness while listening and supporting managers and employees from all levels of your organization who are dealing with problematic issues.

Why should you create a Workplace Fairness Ombuds Office in your organization?


To enhance your corporation’s reputation of valuing trust, transparency and accountability so that you will ultimately help attract, retain and engage employees.


To create a safe place for employees to address their concerns and evaluate their options.


To develop an early warning system that can identify and resolve problems before they become costly.

By hiring a Workplace Fairness Ombuds, you can expect:

A one-day 360 review of existing conflict management ensures congruence with company goals and strategies and good Workplace Fairness decisions.

Strengthens working relationships and enhances productivity through informal conflict resolution.

Mitigates risk of escalating conflict, eases workplace stress and ensures fair treatment and a workable resolution for all involved.

Ensures rebuilding of workplace respect and adherence to workplace respect policies after difficult conflict.

Builds capacity for sound meeting management and decision making.

Empowers staff to resolve their own disputes and strengthen their working relationships.

Builds capacity in areas of conflict management, diversity, respectful workplace, trust, collaboration, time management, dealing with difficult behaviours, change management.

Provides early identification of systemic issues and enables more strategic decision making.


WFI Virtual Ombuds Office/ Helpline

Through the wonders of online technology, we are able to offer many of the above services across the world through meeting software and other innovations. We will work with you to set up the connection and appropriate tools to take advantage of our virtual office service. In some cases we can also provide limited site visits and service.