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Fairness Formula:

The process is the result.

Workplace Fairness International (WFI) is a world leader in respectful workplace services. Our roster of tools will guide you through the process of workplace improvement, to ensure healthier, happier and more productive workplaces.
WFI Fairness Formula
Develop your skill set with our Fairness Formula which is available as e-Learning, Live Online or in-house.
Prepare yourself to be a more effective leader. Start with our Fairness Formula Foundations course with our BRONZE e-Learning. It covers: an understanding of workplace dynamics and learning a powerful engagement process. It includes learning an assessment process which will prescibe a practical, trackable path to productivity. It also includes tips on presenting your findings to key leaders so you can initiate improvements.

how does your workplace measure up?

Experience Matters

The Process is the result

WFI did a full Workplace Fairness Assessment at an expanding health food store chain. Michael Walker and Blaine Donais helped the client put Fairness Leadership into practice. According to the client, "people felt a part of the process. They were able to have their opinions heard and be respected."

our Offerings


E-Learning Skills and Certification

Step up your game with critical professional development skills from home, on your own time, at your own pace. You will never look at your workplace the same again.


Workplace Restoration

We offer a unique response process to a working group that is suffering from divisiveness. It starts with a neutral professional steering a proven engagement process and guiding the group towards a path to communication, collaboration and productivity.


Workplace Fairness Assessments

Engagement is key to workplace rejuvenation. Our Fairness Formula has a strategic, practical process for getting your workplace back to work.



Individual or in-service, professional development keeps you on top. An organization is only as strong as its people. Inspire them with live, dynamic trainers who will address your particular needs.


Union Management Relationships

Our practitioners have a depth of experience at facilitating better relationships between employers and unions.


Trauma Informed Investigations

Our trauma informed investigators reduce the negative impact of a damaging process and can make key restorative recommendations.

Books and Resources

White Paper

Read about WFI’s Fairness Formula at work in this empirical study of conflict management systems.

The Art and Science of Workplace Mediation

 Practical tools that include managing conflict through mediation.

Engaging Unionized Employees

Comprehensive tools for engaging unionized staff and their leadership in your organization’s success.

That Work

Offers a full program for evaluating and improving your conflict management system.


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