Relationship Building Processes

Our practitioners have a depth of experience at facilitating better relationships between employers and unions, including collective bargaining facilitation, grievance mediation and arbitration, and joint health and safety committee facilitation.

Workplace Assessments and Compliance

As a part of our assessment process we help Federal Government departments achieve compliance with the proactive requirements under Bill C65 to protect employees from psychological harm. We provide a similar service for workplaces covered by the Alberta jurisdiction.

Workplace Restoration

Extensive experience in the field of workplace restoration has taught us that each organizational conflict is complex. We have developed a complete suite of workplace interventions that can be tailored to the needs of the client.

Ombuds Services & Helpline

Are you looking for a way to improve your business’ culture and productivity? Do you need support to proactively manage your employee’s needs? The Workplace Fairness Ombuds Office is here to help you achieve these goals and more by promoting respectful communication and collaboration at all levels of your organization.

Harassment Investigation

We perform human rights/harassment and respectful workplace investigations. We also make assessments on the suitability of investigation or other alternatives. Some of our investigators are seasoned labour lawyers or human resources professionals with direct experience at conducting human rights/harassment and respectful workplace investigations or assessments.

In-Service Training

We offer a wide array of training to meet your needs. Click here for details.

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