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Each session of this course will be synchronous and live. All group work will be done in Zoom Break Out sessions with reports back to the plenary session. In almost all ways this course is intended to replicate the learning experience of the live in-person seminar.

Sept 23 – 25 and Sept 28 – 30, 2020
8:30 AM – 3:00 PM, Mountain Time (GMT)
Online, 6 Live Webinars

Top Reasons to Attend

• Understand how workplace culture and conflict works.
• Improve workplace health.
• Learn how to turn around a workplace in crisis.
• Gain recognition from WFI and ADRIA.

WFI-ADRIA Fairness Formula Training info (download PDF)

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Blaine Donais

Blaine Donais, Workplace Fairness Institute 2019Our Unions Work! Founder is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Labour Relations and Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is a labour lawyer, mediator, investigator, facilitator and systems designer. He holds both a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Law and is a Chartered Mediator. Blaine has worked as union staff for 20 years and has been a member and leader in unions for 35 years.

Michelle Phaneuf

michelle PhaneufMichelle provides knowledge and experience that help today’s companies manage transformational improvement in working relationships and foster a psychologically healthy environment with engaged and productive employees. By leveraging strong facilitation and coaching skills, and a mediator’s toolbox of strategies and processes, Michelle can support organizations to plan and execute programs of workplace fairness.


Sessions 1–3 (Assessments only)
ADRIA Members: $990
Non-Members: $1100

Sessions 4-6 (Workplace Restoration)
ADRIA Members: $1480
Non-Members: $1650

Full Package (All 6 sessions)
ADRIA Members: $2200
Non-Members: $2400

There is an additional $200 + GST one time certification fee for those seeking to become registered as “Workplace Fairness Analysts” with the Workplace Fairness Institute.

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