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The Workplace Fairness Institute provides people and organizations with fair, effective and sustainable solutions for preventing, resolving and managing workplace conflicts. With offices across Canada, we are leading experts on workplace conflict management and offer media commentary, public addresses, research and analysis on contemporary workplace issues internationally.

Our resources, like the wfiJOURNAL, Workplaces That Work, and Engaging Unionized Employees: Employee Morale and Productivity, advance understanding of how conflict operates in the workplace so that it can be better managed.

Our Founding Partners

Blaine Donais, President and Founder

Blaine, a labour lawyer and member of the Law Society of Upper Canada since 1995, is an expert in both the practice and theory of assisted labour/management negotiation, mediation-arbitration and facilitation. He has the Chartered Mediator (C.MED.) designation from the ADR Institute of Canada, and is a Registered Practitioner of Dispute Resolution (RPDR) through the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiations (CIIAN).Blaine trains Human Resources professionals, Labour leaders and others in Human Rights, Labour and Employment law, Human Resources, Collective Bargaining and Conflict Resolution. He is presently Adjunct Professor of Workplace Dispute Resolution at Atkinson College, York University, Toronto, and Adjunct Professor for the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto.

Michelle Phaneuf, WFI Co-Director Alberta
ACC, C.Med, P.Eng.

Michelle is a practicing mediator who brings 20 years experience to the Workplace Fairness Institute as a professional engineer, energy management consultant, business owner, facilitator and property owner/manager. She has acted as a consultant for many government organizations including the federal government, provincial government, City of Calgary, and other public corporations (Honeywell, Siemens,etc). She has also assisted regional health authorities, school divisions and smaller municipalities across Canada.

Michelle is currently providing conflict resolution services to government, engineering, technical and other firms through mediation, conflict coaching, group and team facilitation, public consultation and conflict training. She is a member of the Court Roster for the Government of Alberta Civil Claims Mediation Program and a coach with the Mount Royal University Conflict Resolution Program.

Upcoming Public Speaking


“One of our key sections within the Municipal Works department was in a state of continual conflict and dysfunction resulting in labour relation issues, safety complaints and claims of workplace harassment among key players.

With the tools and suggestions that Blaine incorporated into our training, the group is now meeting regularly and the communication, trust and the work environment for the group has improved significantly. Grievances have been reduced and substantive issues are being discussed. The group is participating in a more collaborative and productive fashion. The changes have been very positive.”

Trent Dark, City of Niagara Falls

Dr. Nancy Love
Director, International Outreach
Workplace Fairness Institute

Dr. Love, a pre-eminent leader in mediation and facilitation, focuses on leadership and conflict management in the space between people, workplace relationships, and the role that language plays on the journey towards common ground. In 2002, she embarked on a career as a Mediator and Conflict Resolution Specialist. She founded the PULSE Institute that same year, working with Dr. Dan Dana of the Mediation Training Institute International in Kansas City. She has been an associate of the University of the Virgin Islands in the area of conflict resolution. Dr. Love has worked with US Federal Agencies and US and international companies, training more than 1000 clients as in-house or external mediators. She subsequently worked as a conflict resolution practitioner for the Canadian Federal Government and is currently an Ombuds officer for Parks Canada Agency.

Her life’s work, as a difference maker, is closely aligned with that of the Workplace Fairness Institute. Her primary responsibilities in her new role will be training facilitation and outreach in the US and International workplace conflict management community where her wisdom and networks will prove invaluable as the Workplace Fairness methodology continues to grow internationally.


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