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Workplace Fairness Institute International (WFII)

Balance • Sustainability • Harmony

Our Company:
Workplace Fairness Institute International (WFII) is a strategic partnership of Canada’s leading experts in process, conflict, change and relationship management.  Our team is recognized internationally as a premiere consulting service for national and local government and industry.

Our Mission:
WFII is devoted to helping organizations thrive and prosper through finding the right balance of competitiveness, productivity, social responsibility and workplace fairness.

Competitiveness + Productivity + Social Responsibility + Fairness = Sustainability

The Value Proposition

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility as defined by ISO 26000 is a guideline for the behaviour and structures of organizations that is designed to improve the organizations’:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Reputation
  • Ability to attract and retain workers and clients
  • Employee morale, commitment and productivity
  • Relationship with other companies, governments, media, suppliers, peers etc

Social Responsibility is one of the components of a harmonious workplace, and the WFII is a leading company in interpreting and applying the ISO 26000 guidelines.

Workplace Related Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility related to the workplace interface is defined in Part 6 of ISO 26000.  It includes:

  • A process for determining minimum employment standards
  • Guideline on social dialogue, social protection, health & safety, worker participation and human development
  • A risk prevention and mitigation strategy that ensures:
    • The national and international reputations of companies and governments will remain positive
    • Workplace strife is prevented or mitigated
    • Productivity and competitiveness is maintained
    • Global best practices are followed to manage workplace conflict
Workplace Fairness
Workplace Fairness is a principle of workplace relations that encourages organizations to treat all workplace participants with equality of concern and respect.  This standard is focused on fair treatment of workers in their interactions with the employer.  The WFII evaluates the strength and fairness of conflict management systems in the workplace.

What is required for Workplace Fairness?
To achieve Workplace Fairness, organizations must have conflict management systems that have the following characteristics:

Justice: workers must be treated justly

Efficiency: conflict must be managed in a time and cost-efficient manner

Engagement: all levels of the workplace must be engaged in the process of managing conflict

Resource Sufficiency: appropriate resources must be devoted to managing conflict

Workplace Fairness

What is required For Sustainable Business?

Organizations around the world are concerned about sustainability.  While companies may presently have strong profits, many are concerned about the impact of labour disruption and employee discontent on productivity and shareholder value.  Sustainable business requires a balance of various factors as listed below.

How Does Balance Achieve These Requirements?

We all know that competitiveness and productivity encourage growth, profitability and share holder value in organizations. But focus on these alone will serve to undermine the business by lowering employee morale, stifling innovation and causing labour disruption.

Social Responsibility and Fairness increase employee engagement, employee loyalty and workplace harmony.  But focus on these alone will undermine the business by stifling growth, shareholder value and profitability

Balance creates synergies.  With the proper balance between these elements organizations will improve on all goals:

  • Growth
  • Flexibility
  • Profits
  • Shareholder value
  • Good Will
  • Client/Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Employee loyalty/engagement
  • Workplace Harmony

WFII Services
The Workplace Fairness Institute International(WFII) provides a full range of services and solutions to organizations and governments interested in achieving a sustainable balance for success, including workplace assessments, certification, training, and consultations.

Workplace Assessments and Consulting
The WFII offers two stages of workplace assessments to cover systems and organizational behavior.

Systems Assessment:
System Assessments ensure that the systems and processes in the workplace achieve harmony and balance between productivity, competitiveness, social responsibility and fairness.  We meet with organization leaders and review the policies, practices, procedures, processes and systems they have in place and offer advice, solutions and training on how to improve on their system or how to create a systemic approach.

Behavioral Assessment:
Behavioral Assessments ensure that the systems and processes are effectively used.  We meet with organization leaders and employees to review how effectively these systems are used and offer solutions to improve their use.

Workplace Harmony Training and Certification
We offer in-house and public education and training to help progressive individuals and organizations gain a solid understanding of the WFII Workplace Harmony Framework and its effective implementation within various workplace environments.

Through our systems and behavioral audits and consultations we offer organizations external certification through the WFII. This certification demonstrates a commitment to striking a balance between social responsibility, fairness, competitiveness and productivity.  This certification will be reviewed annually for compliance with our standards

We also offer training and accreditation to internal assessors who will be required to conduct internal assessments between external certification periods.  Internal assessors must maintain high standards of ethics and professionalism to maintain assessor accreditation.  Internal assessors will be in a unique position to offer solutions that are specifically tailored to their organization.

Labour Issue Consultations
Our world renowned experts in labour/management relations will meet with organizations in crisis to review the labour relations issues and offer solutions that will restore harmony to the workplace.  Such solutions will include short, medium and long term measures to resolve disputes and enhance workplace harmony.  We also consult with organizations wishing to prevent crisis from occurring through proactive solutions.

Government Consultations
Our team of internationally recognized experts offers expertise and experience to local and national governments on state regulation and involvement in business corporate and organizational affairs concerning the employment relationship.  Our team can share best practices from around the world on state regulation and dialogue with industry.



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