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What is Workplace Fairness and how do you measure it? How do you know if you have the systems in place to foster respect and manage conflict?

The Workplace Fairness Institute – Workplace Fairness West offers a full range of workplace solutions for conflict management. Online since January 2011, Workplace Fairness West has been helping organizations to develop conflict management systems that ensure justice, efficiency, engagement and the effective allocation of resources.
Co-directors Marjorie Munroe and Michelle Phaneuf assist organizations to find non-confrontational resolutions to conflict, to better manage existing workplace relationships, and to build a fair and equitable plan for the future.


Ombuds Services
Our ombuds provide assistance in promoting diversity, inclusion, employee engagement, managing change and building successful working relationships.

Workplace Fairness Assessments
Staff and stakeholders are given the opportunity to participate in a one-day review of existing conflict management systems.

Conflict Resolution
We facilitate the informal resolution of concerns of employees, managers, and external clients of the organization.

Interpersonal Mediation
We will mediate or facilitate conversations to improve mutual understanding and communication and identify strategies to resolve work-related conflicts.

Workplace Restorations
We offer assistance during and after a workplace conflict investigation to restore a respectful work environment for both staff and stakeholders.

Rebuilding Relationships / Meeting Facilitation
We facilitate team meetings to surface and resolve issues so that everyone is working together efficiently and at their highest capacity.

Conflict Coaching
We can assist individuals experiencing conflict to identify and review options for managing and resolving their concerns.

We offer training in areas of Conflict Management, Diversity, Respectful Workplace, Trust and Collaboration.

We conduct quarterly meetings to assist in organizational change by improving existing conflict management systems.

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Would you like to learn more and connect with like-minded professionals?

Participate in our WORKPLACE FAIRNESS LEARNING FORUMS. We offer learning forums that cover a wide range
of topics related to workplace fairness and conflict management. Watch Marjorie and Michelle explain the inspiration behind the WFI Learning Forums and how they could help both you and your organization improve Workplace Fairness.

Attend one of our MEDIATION BREAKFASTS. Witness the mediation process in action and gain valuable insights that will help you develop your own mediation skills.

Workplace Fairness Alberta facilitated a discussion about the foundational principles of the ombuds office: fairness, impartiality, independence, accountability. This was a complimentary reception to celebrate Workplace Fairness Ombuds-month and the launch of the Workplace Fairness Ombuds office.

WFOmbuds Launch 2013
left to right: Colleen Sawatzky, Mediator and Workplace Fairness Analyst; Tom Smith, Mediator; Dean Kendall, Financial Organizer, Ideal Life Experience; Russell Stratton, Blue Gem Learning and Development; June Read, Pacific Western Transportation; Megan Porter.


Join our blogs:

Marjorie Munroe’s 5 Minute Mediator

Conflict Blog


“Organizational Ombuds,” - Author: Michelle Phaneuf - 2013 – download article
“The ever-present change and demands of today’s business environment has created a need for an organizational ombuds to support corporations to be proactive in managing employee’s needs.”

"Conflict & Healthy Organizations,” - Author: Michelle Phaneuf - 2012 – download article
“Working with conflict in organizations I often hear the phrases; Disrespect in the Workplace, Bullying and Harassment and Stress leave. Can these be part of a healthy organization?”

“Conflict & Retention,” - Author: Michelle Phaneuf - 2012 – read article
“A December 2011 Canadian Federation of Independent Business survey of more than 600 business owners indicated that the shortage of qualified labour has affected their business with 33% indicating they had issues with high turnover and frequent retraining.”

“A Workplace Fairness Assessment at Vista Projects: Process, Results and Benefits,” Network 2012
- Author: Marjorie Munroe
- 2012 – read article
Vista Projects embarked on a Workplace Fairness Assessment in November 2011, and the results have seen an increased more accessible profile for HR in the management of workplace conflict and a new tool for enhancing employee engagement.”

“Above and Beyond Undercover Boss,”- Authors: Marjorie Munroe and Michelle Phaneuf - 2012 – download article
“Recently Calgary Transit Director Doug Morgan appeared on an episode of Undercover Boss Canada with a goal of giving Calgarians a behind-the-scenes look at the work of employees who make his organization tick and, according to Ruth Myles of the Calgary Herald, a chance to hear an uncensored take on the workplace from employees.”

“Workplace Bullying a Result of Conflict,” - Author: Michelle Phaneuf - 2013 – read article
“Workplace bullying is prevalent in our workplaces and is a serious issue that costs corporations significantly in lost time and money due to absenteeism, staff turnover, and medical and legal costs.”

“Addressing the Gap between Mental Health and Workplace Fairness Policy and Practice” Human Capital
Authors: Marjorie Munroe, Morgan Craig-Broadwith and Shelly Ptolemy - 2013
– download article
“Recognizing that diversity includes more than simply culture, employers who are forward-thinking and careful t include supports and awareness for mental health in their diversity and inclusion policies and discussions will be rewarded with increased engagement and workplace participation.”

“Workplace mediation calms conflict,” Calgary Herald - Author: Derek Sankey - 2013 – read article
“When Marjorie Munroe usually gets the call from a frustrated boss or an irritated human resources manager, it's usually about six months later than she would have liked”



PULSE - People Using Language Skills Effectively

We coach individuals, facilitate conversations, create meeting structure, develop leadership capacity, and provide professional certification.


Resource Management Innovations

Organizational Development SolutionsBusiness Development ... getting you to where you want to go, on purpose

Professional Affiliations

  Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society

The ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA) is a not-for-profit organization that provides outstanding service to clients and students, and assists more than 450 members engaged in the practice of arbitration and mediation throughout the province of Alberta.

  Community Mediation Calgary Society - Board Member

Community Mediation Calgary Society (CMCS) is a charitable not-for-profit organization of volunteers who provide conflict management and dispute resolution information and assistance through collaborative services and workshops to neighbors, community associations and not-for-profit groups.
  Association for Conflict Resolution

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is a professional organization enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution.
  Human Resources Association of Calgary
  Human Resources Institute of Alberta

HRIA is the leading professional association for human resources practitioners in Alberta dedicated to strengthening and promoting the HR profession.

Canadian Society of Training and Development Professionals

The Canadian Society of Training and Development Professionals is Canada's only national association for workplace learning and performance professionals. CSTD provides the forum for members to engage, learn, achieve and connect with other members. CSTD provides members with certification, professional development and networking opportunities.


Additional Information:


Marjorie Munroe

Marjorie Munroe is a Chartered Mediator, trainer, facilitator and consultant. Using the PULSE Frame (Prepare, Uncover, Learn, Search, Explain), Marjorie helps participants to explore what has worked in past workplace situations, identify conflict resolutions in the present and agree to a specific plan for the future. Marjorie is Co-Director of Workplace Fairness West and is also a member of the Canadian Society of Training and Development Professionals and the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society.

Tel: 403-542-6998
Address: Comp 67, Site 12, RR. 9, Calgary AB T2J 5G5


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Michelle Phaneuf

Michelle Phaneuf is a Chartered Mediator, trained Ombudsman and Professional Engineer who assists organizations to assess their conflict management systems to ensure that each employee is treated with equality and respect. As Co-Director of Workplace Fairness West, Michelle helps organizations bring awareness and empathy into workplace conflict situations, assisting participants in finding non-confrontational resolutions.

Tel: 403-243-0147
Address: Comp 67, Site 12, RR. 9, Calgary AB T2J 5G5

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Workplace Fairness Ombuds

Workplace Fairness Ombuds offer a place for your employees to discuss workplace concerns and resolve issues. Enhance your corporation’s reputation of valuing trust, transparency and accountability. From mediating disputes to planning and practicing for a difficult conversation, our ombuds advocate for fairness and accountability by listening and supporting employees with problematic issues at all levels of your organization with complete confidentiality.

We offer service packages at both our regional and virtual offices. These packages are designed to reduce your costs on an ongoing basis while maintaining a high level and quality of service. They are also designed to offer you a holistic approach to conflict risk mitigation. You choose how to spend your hours – it’s as simple as that! The WFI Ombuds office responds to all requests for specialized training. We are able to develop and deliver most HR related training within the contract term.

Article: The Ombudsman is... (Author: Marjorie Munroe)

Ombuds Office Packages Offered

Interpersonal Mediation

To bring harmony and productivity to your organization, you need to resolve conflicts that have escalated or have become complicated. We can help you out of difficult conflict situations by acting as impartial mediators. We bring two (or more) parties “to the table” to discuss their concerns and help them to reach a voluntary agreement.

Article: "Mediation can help open the window and shed light on difficult issues" (Author: Marjorie Munroe)

As mediators, we encourage participants to:

  • Reflect – what are the issues that need to be addressed?
  • Communicate – what are each individual’s needs and interests?
  • Listen – can you develop understanding for each other's point of view?
  • Consider options – what will work based on each partie's own interests?
  • Reach agreements –you will be the decision-makers.  The mediator has no authority to make decisions or provide solutions.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict presents opportunities for us to strengthen our relationships and learn more about ourselves. We work exclusively with you to build insight and awareness into your situation. Through a coaching process that asks the “tough questions,” we can help you to determine:

As mediators, we encourage participants to:

  • Goals –what is my goal in this situation?
  • Trigger Points – what triggers me with this individual and what are the other party's hot buttons?
  • Assumptions – what assumptions am I making in this situation and what assumptions may the other party be making?
  • Values – what's really important to me and the other party?
  • Impact – what impact has this situation had on you and the other party?
  • Consequences – can I determine what the consequences have been for myself and the other party?
  • Next Steps – what steps can I take to get the results I want?

Conflict Management Training

Self-help Negotiation training

We can provide training programs for your employees and managers in any forum you choose, whether it be simple lunch time seminars or in-depth week-long courses. We tailor the training to your particular workplace.

Peer Mediation training

We will train workplace volunteers to be peer mediators. These mediators learn to resolve conflicts in an informal and comfortable environment.  Peer mediators will learn to be effective conflict management agents in the workplace. Introductory training consists of a three day course followed by another three day course for intermediate training. Follow-up and refresher courses are also be offered.

Managerial Mediation training

The most effective managers in the workplace are those with strong mediation skills. We provide simple and efficient mediation training for managers. Introductory training consists of a three day course followed by another three day course for intermediate training. Follow-up and refresher courses are also be offered.

Workplace Fairness Thought Community Luncheons

Our luncheons take place from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at THE RANCHMAN'S CLUB, 710 13th Avenue SW, Calgary. Our topics focus on areas of diversity & inclusion, employee engagement, well-managed change, building working relationships, and health and wellness. We welcome all interested employers, employees, HR professionals, team leaders, business leaders, coaches and others to join us.
To find out about this month’s topic or to sign-up, RSVP: phaneuf[at]

Some of the featured speakers who have participated in past luncheons include:


  • Dr. Nancy Love, The Pulse Institute - Enhancing Workplace Fairness through Appreciative Inquiry (AI).

  • Amie Haines; HR Generalist Vista Projects - Employee Engagement & Retention
    Article: A Workplace Fairness Assessment (Marjorie Munroe)

  • Janine Gilmour; Touchstone Advisory Services – Strength’s Based Performance Management
    Article: I took the Standout Strengths Test today (Marjorie Munroe)

  • Dr. Denise Chenger; Mount Royal Faculty – How do executives make decisions?
    Article: Executives make decisions by intuition (Marjorie Munroe)

  • Gervais Goodman, Goodman, McDougall and Assoc. - Strategic Planning with AI - SOAR
    Article: Strategic Planning for Positive Change (Marjorie Munroe)

  • David Savage, Savage Management - Isolation to Masterminds: Creating Great Results with Great People!
    Article: When it pays to say no (Marjorie Munroe)

  • David Cory, EITC - Emotional Intelligence
    Article: An Emotionally Intelligent Workplace is... (Marjorie Munroe)

  • Sheila Newel, HRMD - Options for Resolving Workplace Disputes
    Article: The human resources and dispute resolution continuum (Marjorie Munroe)

    WFI Alberta Co-Directors: Marjorie Munroe and Michelle Phaneuf.
    Join us for our next luncheon.
    PLACE: Ranchman's Club, 710 13th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
    TIME: 11:30 - 1 pm.
    COST: $35 fixed price buffet lunch. Pls pay by credit card at the luncheon.
    RSVP REQUIRED: phaneuf[at]
    NOTE: The Ranchman's Club has a "smart casual" dress code, ie. no jeans.

    INCITO CONSULTING : Friday 23 May 2014.
    Speaker: Jenn Lofgren.

    Speaker: Kelly Williams-Whitt

    WORKPLACE CULTURE : Friday 21 March 2014.
    Speaker: Tracy Harris, Director of Business Transformation at ATB Financial, shares experiences regarding the recent implementation of Workplace 2.0. and WORKshifting.

    SOCIAL NEUROSCIENCE and THE SCARF MODEL : Friday 14 March 2014.
    Speaker: Erika Deines, Professional Mediation Consultant with VivaCitas Enterprises. Erika is focusing on utilizing the latest neuroscience research for successful conflict outcomes. She has an impressive range of experience with an International Certificate in Professional Coaching and as an Associate Faculty member with Royal Roads University, an Instructor for CVJM (YMCA) University in Kassel, Germany and is the Executive Director at the ADR Institute of Alberta. 

    Speakers: Michelle Phaneuf and Marjorie Munroe: Another chance to witness a simulated mediation between a manager and an employee discussing a mental health issue.

    ABILITIES CASE MANAGEMENT : Friday 17 January 2014.
    Speaker: Joanne McCusker, Supervisor, Occupational Health for Calfrac Well Services, leads a discussion on Abilities Case Management ( Disability Management) and the 'stages' of the case management process.

    OMBUDSMAN'S ROLE REDEFINED: 15 November 2013.
    Speakers: Deborah Sword, formerly of the Parks Canada office, and Josie Stiles in a new ombudsman role at Baker Hughes, will join us to explore how the ombudsman role can help an organization enhance working relationships, retain and engage employees and sustain workplace respect.
    November is Workplace Fairness Ombuds-month. We are celebrating the ombudsman and exploring how this function can enhance workplace fairness for companies large and small. 

    Speaker:  Mel Blitzer, author, educator and coach, offers interesting insights into how you can earn yourself a hearing and building internal and external business partnerships.

    FAIRNESS FOR WOMEN ON THE RIGS : Friday 13 September 2013.
    Speaker: Laura Koronko, the Diversity Coordinator at Savanna Energy discusses changes to the oil industry through the hiring of women, and shares their successes, and the challenges they have faced.

    Speaker: Mel Blitzer, author, educator, coach, and organization performance adviser with extensive international experience, on enhancing influence with your internal and your external stakeholders.

    STRATEGIC PLANNING AND SOAR : Friday 24 May 2013.
    Speaker: Gervais Goodman and Janice McDougall, HR consulting firm of Goodman, McDougall and Associates in energy, manufacturing, retail, tourism, transportation and other sectors.

    Panelists: Lana Voloshina from Immigrant Services Calgary, Pervin Irani from Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, and consultant Eilish Hiebert who designs and delivers programs in the area of cross-cultural relations to diverse groups.

    Speaker: Al Brown, Labour Relations Officer with SAIT Academic Faculty Association.

    Speaker: Michelle Phaneuf, Professional Engineer and Chartered Mediator who focuses on supporting organizations to create a culture of collaboration. She is Alberta Co-Director of WFI and principle of REA.

    MEDIATION AND MENTAL HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE, Demonstration: Tues 29 Jan 2013.
    Speakers: Marjorie Munroe and Michelle Phaneuf. This is your chance to be a voyeur in a workplace mediation and gain some understanding about how it might be used in the workplace to address interpersonal and mental health issues.

    Speaker: Dr. Nancy Love, PULSE Institute, in conversation about enhancing Workplace Fairness through Appreciative Inquiry (AI). Appreciative Inquiry is a collaborative, strength-based approach to both personal and organizational development that is proving to be highly effective in thousands of organizations and communities in hundreds of countries around the world.

    NEGOTIATING FOR SUCCESS: Friday 19 Oct 2012.
    Speaker: David B. Savage, BA (Econ), P. Land, ACC, President of Savage Management Ltd. is a path maker, professional speaker, coach, negotiator and writer. He is a leader in negotiation development, stakeholder engagement and appropriate dispute resolution. His Negotiation Mastery Circle is on the leading edge of transforming how we are in negotiation and the results we can create. See for more info.

    EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE : Friday 28 Sept 2012.
    Speaker: David Cory is a leadership performance consultant specializing in individual and organizational performance improvement. In addition to a Master of Arts Degree in Adult Education, David is certified as a trainer/facilitator with several leading corporate training companies such as Achieve Global and Development Dimensions International. He is a Certified Trainer in the area of Emotional Intelligence with MHS Inc. and is considered to be an international expert on the integration of emotional intelligence and leadership development.

    Speaker: Nicole Bourgeois is an employment and retention specialist at Champions Career Centre in Calgary. Champions Career Centre is a team of inclusion specialists devoted to achieving employment success through workshops, skills development, employer connections and 1:1 support.

    Speaker: Blaine Donais, the founder of the Workplace Fairness Institute in Toronto.