Public Speaking

Public Speaking Sessions

Workplace Fairness/Respect Group Conference

January 29th, 2020, Calgary

This full day conference will look at the Intersection of Psychological Health & Safety and Civility/Respect.  

This will be a working conference in which attendees walk away with some valuable tools and best practices for addressing a respectful workplace, Alberta’s new OHS Legislation and psychological health and safety in the workplace.  
Sessions will benefit Senior HR Professionals, Senior Occupational Health and Safety Professionals, Unions, Municipalities, Business Owners and Non profits.  

A sneak peek: 

  • Fireside Chat – Sheldon Kennedy, hockey abuse survivor and Dr. Pat Ferris, bullying/harassment expert.
  • Breakout Sessions: 
         -A Roadmap to Creating Psychological Safe Workplaces
         -How to shift your people and organizations culture to ensure RESPECT first in everything you do?
  • Calculating ROI and making the Business Case to gain Senior Leadership Buy In and Commitment
  • Organizational Leaders share their own journeys in creating psychologically safe workplaces.

stay tuned for more information.

Emerging Initiatives – Workplace Restoration

2019 International Ombudsman Conference

April 1, 2019, New Orleans                                                                        

Presented by: Blaine Donais & Michelle Phaneuf

Session Description:
The purpose of this session is to explore the Five Phases of Workplace Restoration and understand the Ombuds role in the process.

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This Job Makes Me Sick: What to do when the workplace contributes to disability

Lancaster House – Human Rights and Accommodation Conference

April 4, 2019, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Panelist: Blaine Donais

Session Description:
In this session, experts will examine some of the difficult questions that arise when workers claim that workplace stress, bullying, or interpersonal conflicts are making them ill. Such claims raise fundamental questions for both unions and employers about the organization of work and the legitimacy of management actions.

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Media Commentator

The National, CBC


“Attending the Workplace Fairness Certification workshop was time and money well spent. The instructor(s) are outstanding. Quality resource materials were provided and there was very interesting discussion generated amongst the participants. A professionally framed certificate is presented at the end of the workshop.”

“The event was well organized and both facilitators were excellent. The atmosphere was lively and engaging. Both speakers were incredibly knowledgeable and did extremely well educating the participants while encouraging participation and interaction throughout…I have attended workshops where I left feeling exhausted because I was not made to feel entirely comfortable, but this was not the case with Blaine and Marjorie. I would attend any of their future offerings in a heartbeat!”


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