Resiliency Lunch and Learn with Treena Reilkoff




Date: May 26, 2021treena-reilkoff-workplace-fairness-institute
Time: 12 noon EST
Duration: 50 minutes
Cost per person: $99 + taxes
Cost groups greater than 5: $89 + taxes
Location: Online

Resilience isn’t simply something we’re born with. It can be taught. Research shows that how we think about the adversity in our lives has a significant impact on our success, relationships, and productivity. And since work is a common source of stress for most employees, workplace resiliency training is an effective method to:

  • Equip employees to respond well to change
  • Develop adaptive responses to stress – resulting in a more positive work environment
  • Enhance employee well-being
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Prevent feelings of burnout and low motivation
  • Improve the overall state of psychological health and safety

Download Full Information (PDF)

This 50 minute lunch and learn will assist your team in identifying your innate resiliency traits and ones you want to strengthen to support your team and promote a safe and healthy workplace.


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