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Fairness System Consulting

The Workplace Fairness Institute offers a number of services for
small, medium and large workplaces around the world.

Fairness Team Consulting

The Workplace Fairness Institute will help you build a Fairness Team that can carry on a review of your present fairness system, make modifications where necessary, implement changes and monitor the system. Our Fairness Consultants will work with your leadership to develop a Fairness Charter that will guide the Fairness Team in its efforts. Our consultants will train the Fairness Team in how to use the Testing Instrument for Fairness Systems (TIFFS) and the Fairness Cost Analysis Tool (FCAT). These tools will aid the team in their analysis of the present fairness system and help them modify the system. The Fairness Consultant will offer advice on the administration of the TIFFS Survey and the FCAT Survey. They will also help the Team use the following tools:

  • The Workplace Culture Checklist
  • The Workplace Theatre Template
  • The Workplace Conflict Checklist
  • The Fishbone Analysis Tool
  • The Workplace Fairness Systems Checklist
  • The TIFFS Scoring Guidelines

The Fairness Consultant will remain on-call through the four phases of the Fairness System Renewal Process:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Fairness System Design and Modification
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring

The Fairness Consultant will be more involved in the earlier phases through training and design, gradually taking on a less active mentoring role in Implementation and finally reducing involvement as the team becomes fully trained by the monitoring phase. Throughout the process, however, the Fairness Consultant is available to answer questions, provide state of the art advice, and act as a sounding board for ideas generated by the Fairness Team.

Fairness System Audits

Where you are uncertain if you should embark upon a Fairness System Renewal project, we offer a quick and efficient general audit of your workplace fairness system. Our Fairness Consultant meets with your leadership and collects sufficient information to provide a preliminary score of your Fairness System. This preliminary score acts as an aid in your decision to carry on a renewal project. In addition to the Fairness System score, our consultant will provide your company with general advice on how to improve your existing fairness system. The Fairness Audit can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size and complexity of your workplace.

WFI 1 Day Assessment (1DA) Seminar

This one day seminar will assist you and your team to analyze your culture and sources of conflict. We will help you identify and evaluate your present options for managing conflict and offer advice for improvement.

  • Are you looking for ways to improve employee productivity
    and morale?
  • Are you looking for an independent assessment of your workplace?
  • Are you interested in on-going renewal but don’t know where
    to begin?
  • Are there concerns about how conflict is managed at work?
  • Are you wondering if you are compliant with Bill 168?

    Then try the WFI “One Day Assessment” Seminar

By the end of the day you will have a clear picture of what is working and what needs to change. You will also know what options to introduce or modify to improve your workplace conflict management system.

In addition, our 1DA includes a "Bill 168 Compliance Check-list". Our analysts will help you determine whether or not you meet the requirements under Bill 168.

Our 1DA Report will assess the strengths and fairness of your conflict management system and make independent recommendations for improvements.

Let's get the process of renewal started!

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