Frank McLean Memorial Scholarship Recipient – Barb Nekich

It is our pleasure to announce that Barb Nekich was the successful candidate for the Frank Mclean Memorial Scholarship, which entitles her to free tuition for our upcoming Advanced Workplace Restoration and Health and Fairness Assessment online seminar that is running in half day format throughout the weeks of September 20 and 27. Barb is […]

The Need For Workplace Restoration In Post-COVID Workplaces

By Michelle Phaneuf, P.ENG, C.MED, ACC, WFA Originally published at CPHR Alberta Magazine THE SUDDEN arrival of COVID-19 in our world has generated an even stronger focus on safeguarding psychological health and safety and workplace wellness in general. Impacts on employee’s mental health are evident with increased stress from significant [...]

Resiliency Training – Treena Reilkoff

Resilience isn’t simply something we’re born with. It can be taught. Research shows that how we think about the adversity in our lives has a significant impact on our success, relationships, and productivity. And since work is a common source of stress for most employees, workplace resiliency training is an effective method to: [...]

Frank McLean Memorial Scholarship

The Workplace Fairness Institute is pleased to offer one full scholarship to a participant in the upcoming 40-hour online program called, “Advanced Workplace Restoration and Workplace Fairness Analyst Certification” taking place online, March 15 – 19 and March 22 – 26. Frank McLean was an avid and enthusiastic contributor to both the Workplace [...]

ADR Mentor – The New ADR Landscape in 2021

A 3-part mentoring series with leading experts in Investigation, Arbitration and Mediation Part 1, Jan. 27, Workplace Investigation Part 2, Feb. 24, Arbitration Part 3, Mar. 30, Mediation 5:30pm – 6:30pm, Total of 6 CEE Points Download Registration Information Here With great excitement, we are presenting to you this new reformatted ADR Mentor [...]

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