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Goldhawk Live on Workplace Bullying, panelist, Rogers TV.


Talk Radio, Bullying in the Workplace, Toronto, August 2010.

Talk Radio, Blaine Donais


Subject Areas for Accepting Press Inquiries:

  • Workplace Bullying
  • Labour Law
  • Employment Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Human Resources
  • Workplace Conflict
  • Workplace Fairness
  • Unionized Workplaces
  • History of Union-Management Relations
  • Union-Management Partnerships
  • Employee Engagement
  • Workplace Equality
  • International Labour Law
  • Workplace Harassment, Discrimination
  • Workplace Violence
  • Bill 168
  • Workplace Change Management

Media/ Opinion/ Pundit, Selected

“When employers police your private life” Macleans National Magazine. by Toban Dyck, 25 October 2012.
Michael Brutsch, a Texan who worked in financial services, and Justin Hutchings, a former Mr. Big and Tall employee from Ontario, have both been fired recently for messages they posted online, on their own time.
The cases of Brutsch (Reddit username: Violentacrez), who shared pictures of scantily clad, underage girls and images of women getting beaten on various forums called subreddits, and Hutchings, who posted a negative comment on Amanda Todd’s tribute page on Facebook, have raised tough questions over the extent to which HR departments may be called on to police employee behavior . ... more.... link to article >>

“Some Mounties Cool to Workplace Probe” CBC TV, The National. "Some Mounties Cool to Workplace Probe" CBC print.
19 August 2010 by Parliamentary Reporter Alison Crawford.
Producer: Marc Baby. DOP: Andrew Watt.Subjects: RCMP Commissioner William Elliott and CSIS Chief Reid Morden. Interviewees: Blaine Donais and Senator Colin Kennedy.

"Some Mounties are unhappy with a probe into the workplace environment of the RCMP, an assessment sparked by complaints over the management style of the force's top boss. ...Blaine Donais, president of the Workplace Fairness Institute in Toronto, said it's important that people feel secure enough to open up during such investigations.
" 'You have to have a process that makes people feel comfortable coming forward. If your process is discouraging people from coming forward, then you've got a problem," he said. ... more.... link to article >>

“Texas Conflict Coach, Patti Porter interviews Blaine Donais ” BlogTalk Radio.
6 October 2010, first aired.

Can workplace conflict be managed simply through mediation, conflict coaching and the various other methods proposed by consultants? And what is the purpose of these methods? Is it to manage conflict? Or is it something that runs much deeper? This talk explores the importance of understanding workplace fairness in managing conflict. We will explore short, medium and long-term effects of unfairness in the workplace and discuss how to move from a culture of unfairness to a culture of fairness . link to interview >>

“Managing conflict key to retaining staff ” Law Times
2010 by staff reporter.

"Many law firms still struggle with the clash of cultures between the old command-and-control-style of leadership and the collaborative approach embraced by younger generations....Some employees are walking around in a heightened state of conflict, but never articulate their feelings because they are afraid of the consequences, says Donais. ... link to article >>

“How to use ADR to reduce workplace harassment ” Lawyers Weekly
9 July 2010 by Blaine Donais.

"Labour and employment practitioners across Ontario are scrambling to ensure their clients have met their obligations under Bill 168. This new legislation requires employers to have a policy dealing with workplace violence, perform a violence risk assessment and secure employees from acts of violence and harassment ... more...

“Feature: Canada's financial capital struggles for fresh air amid weeks of garbage worker strike ”
14 July 2010 by Zhao Qing, Qiao Shan.

"OTTAWA, July 14 (Xinhua) -- Summer is usually the prime season ... if not ugly, as municipal workers' strike enters its fourth week. ... Donais noted that cutting the benefit is not going to save the employer money because the benefit makes people take a lot less sick leave time, which actually helps the city save money. ... more...

“Types of Interpersonal Conflict ”
28 May 2010 by Laura Reynolds.

"Conflict happens "when there is a perception of incompatible interests between workplace participants," according to Blaine Donais, president of the Workplace Fairness Institute. Understanding the types of interpersonal conflict present in the workplace, school or home helps address conflict more constructively, using it to examine differences and solve common problems instead of allowing it to escalate to anger or worse.. ... more...

“Office Blonde Jokes No Laughing Matter ” Globe and Mail
November 2009 by Dave McGinn.

"Have you heard the one about the boss who liked to make blonde jokes? He's being sued.  As a discrimination lawsuit a Canadian has brought against her former boss in Britain shows, fair-haired women don't always fare so well at work... more.... link to article >>

“The New Harassment? Same-sex Abuse ” Globe and Mail
October 2009 by Dave McGinn.

"A female lawyer in the United States is suing her former employer in what's hardly your typical case of alleged sexual harassment. The lawyer, Jennifer Braude, claims the firm didn't act quickly enough...more ... link to article >>

“Taking a Bullet for the Team ” Globe and Mail
January 2009 by Sarah Boesveld.

"When the mass layoffs started at Chrysler last November, Myra Sawicki didn't like the look of her colleague.  Normally chatty and engaging, information technology analyst Brian Barlow ...more ... link to article >>

“Merry Christmas, you're working ” Globe and Mail
December 2008 by Sarah Boesveld.

"For the third year in a row, Lyndsay Morrison won't be eating turkey dinner or gathering round the tree on Christmas Day.  Instead, she will be sitting at a desk... more.... link to article >>


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